About Gill

I have been a self employed consultant to the voluntary sector since 1988, working exclusively on HR issues. I have written extensively about HR management including Managing conflict and Managing absence.

My consultancy work varies from one- off short bits of HR advice, audit or policy to more in depth and longer reviews of contracts and strategic HR. I also provide long term HR support over many years as an external expert for those charities that cant afford their own in house expert.

I also specialise in restructuring and mergers from an HR perspective. Working to get line managers on Board HR initiatives,

I have provided training courses on HR and employment law issues for many CVSs and Second tier agencies such as LVSC, FIAC (as it was) and Help the Hospices. I trained for many years at DSC. I also provide in house training tailored to individual organisation needs.

HR Coaching and Handholding

HR coaching or handholding can help HR managers or non specialists having to direct or manage HR think through issues and problems with a non-biassed sounding board. This usually happens away from the pressures of the office and the in tray.

I approach coaching as an outcome based, strategic and problem solving tool looking at structural and procedural issues, rather than personal issues. I look at HR skills development and how HR can relate to the rest of the management structure and the CEO most effectively.

My daily rate is £500 per day, discounted for longer pieces of work.

Prior to being a consultant I worked in the voluntary sector in London at CHAR and RVA in the early 1980’s.
I am also a Trustee of Skillshare International.


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Gill Taylor:
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