The Law

I am not a lawyer, but I know a lot about employment law. I work with lawyers when necessary and have a long-term relationship with a leading law firm working in the charity field. My publications are checked for legal reliability.

Contract audit
Would you enter into a contract for £250,000 without getting an expert to review it? So how much is your wages bill? Your organisation’s contract of employment is probably going to be the most expensive and risky contract that it has.

I can review your organisation’s existing contract of employment, advise on good and cautious practice in the wording of contracts and the steps to take when appointing staff. I also advise on fair practice when you need to vary contracts.

Discipline and dismissal advice
It’s never pleasant to have to dismiss an employee. Getting it wrong can be expensive, risky and take up managers’ time for months. If you have to do this you need to be clear you are following the law and your own policy. Managers who don’t have to dismiss very often can find it helpful to have me alongside them to signpost, support and coach through the different stages.

Restructuring and redundancy
Charities are fluid entities, often changing and growing. I have a lot of expertise in both organisation and job design. If redundancies may be involved then you need to be secure in your legal process and in managing the change.

I can help you to manage this in ways which enable staff move on successfully, even through difficult times.

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