You may find that the pressure of daily demands on your HR function prevents the development of a strategic approach. I can help with this.

An HR Audit will give you a strategic overview of how you are doing, and how you might go forward. Typically this would include:

I have model policies in many key HR areas which I tailor specifically for your organisation. These are updated as law and practice evolve. I can write staff handbooks and managers’ guides aimed at giving clear HR process steps for line managers.

For larger organisations there is often a specific need for an HR business plan. I can advise on a strategic approach to analysing your current business plan, its implications for development and management of the HR function, and make recommendations for change.

In some circumstances an HR department may need an outsider to assess and review its effectiveness. I experienced in this work and have also reviewed central administration functions as well as organisation structure more widely.

Staff Surveys are beneficial to capture opinion about key areas of HR and management. They can provide a starting benchmark for change and give invaluable feedback to managers on how their management style is received.

I have many examples of questionnaires that work well and I have experience which helps me ensure a good response. I have software to enable electronic administration of surveys – saving time and money. This software also delivers detailed analysis of results.

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